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Ultra Blue – Pic Not Related

For those who’ve been wondering when the next music rotation would be coming in, well it’s finally here. After having been on break for the past few weeks, one of the site’s most oldest (but popular) features has been updated for your listening pleasure…

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  • Makai Senki Disgaea TV – 11

    “Red moon, red moon…
    Cleanses the sinful and makes them anew…
    Shining brightly in the night sky,
    waiting for the souls…
    Who will be born again tonight?
    Who will be born again tonight?
    Be born again tonight?”

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  • Perfume – Electro World + Wonder2

    Earlier this week on Perfume’s radio program “Magical City“, their new single “Electro World” had it’s world broadcast premiere, along with another track called “Wonder2″. Both songs can now be previewed by clicking on the links below. *Credit goes to ekuseru.

    Reminder, their debut album tentatively titled “Perfume” is set to be released: 08/02. Eleven tracks plus a bonus DVD with videos to “Linear Motor Girl”, “Computer City”, and “Electro World”. Also, since were on the subject, plans to upload my entire Perfume PV collection are well underway. So keep an eye out for that.

    Additional Source: [1]

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  • momo-i quality ~best of momo-i~ album

    Thanks to both Heisei Democracy and Paranda.net, I was able to find out some details about Momoi Halko’s new “best of” album… including her upcoming mini-live performance in Toranoana, (10/01).

    [Momo-i quality ~best of momo-i~] release date: August 9th.

    Additional Sources: [1], [2]

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  • Disgaea 2 Strategy Guide – Preorder

    Now available for pre-order is the fully translated Disgaea 2 Strategy Guide published by DoubleJump Books, (the same folks who brought you the guide to Disgaea 1.) I’m not exactly sure whether this will be as extensively detailed as the “Complete Guide” that I own, (300+ pages), but I know this will be a must buy for anyone who plans on purchasing the localized version of the game.

    • Disgaea 2 Strategy Guide – Preorder ($19.99)
    • Free Shipping Code: d2pre ($5.55 off Priority Mail)
    • Release Date: 08/22
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  • Number of Premieres This Summer: 24!

    24 new animated programs to debut in June, July, and August… including the sequel to last year’s #2 winner of anime of the year. My eyes are also focusing on 2 particular shows, (which I’ve been a huge fan of their manga counterparts for quite sometime now.)

    Click to Enlarge

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  • Disgaea Anime – US Broadcast?

    The Wiire: “You have an anime based on Disgaea, airing in Japan right now. Are there any efforts to bring that over here to the States?”

    Jack Niida (Nippon Ichi Marketing Coordinator): “Yes, we are actually working very closely with… an anime production company and we are going to bring it over here to the states hopefully by October and maybe into November, and it will be here in the States as a DVD format to begin with, but we are also looking into broadcast. Hopefully Anime Network, Adult Swim, or Cartoon Network… so it’s going to be very exciting later this year.”

    Read the exclusive Nippon Ichi interview from The Wiire to find out more about NIS’s upcoming plans.

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  • Disgaea 2 – “The Complete Guide”

    Dark Sun World… Shura Country… Cave of Trials… Every secret the game has to offer is right here in this complete 300+ page guide! Oh and did I mention it came with a collectible Majin Etna trading card (*^ー゚)b

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  • Tamaki Nami PV Collection

    As far as I can tell, these are all the Tamaki PV requests I’ve received over the past few weeks. Everything is up and ready for download… so feel free to take advantage of this batch share before it’s too late.

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  • Smash Bros Brawl – Rumors Spread Like Wild Fire!


    Now word is coming out that the story about Windwaker Link, Ridley, and Baby Bowser replacing Mr. Game & Watch, Ice Climbers, and Young Link was indeed complete BS. Apparently the bogus story stemmed from a fake poster on Neo-Gaf. My original source for the info came from GoNintendo, who are 99.9% of the time reliable when it comes to reports like these. Not only that, but the rumor had also made it’s way to these popular websites:

    So as you can see, with so many sources reporting the same story, anyone could of easily fallen for it as being true ( ´_ゝ`)

    From now on, just like I do with anime, any headlines concerning Japanese games MUST have a Japanese source included, no questions asked.

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